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Seis "Seize"

  • Seis "Seize"

This candle is intended to bring warm energy, comfort and nostalgia. Digging into our deepest memories with the scent of "arroz con leche". The aromatic scents
include: cinnamon, coconut, and vanilla.

Seis "Seize" comes in a vintage teacup and plate as shown in the picture above. Each candle will vary in herbs as they are handmade with intention. Teacup and plate can be reused and repurposed!
Seis "Seize" takes after Six of Cups.

Seis "Seize" Ingredients:
• Organic Soy Wax
• Cinnamon & Vanilla Fragrance Oil
• Clove Spice
• Nutmeg Spice
• Cinnamon Specs

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