About Me

Hi lovelies,

Holistic Healing Circle is here to curate a space for your personal needs through mindfulness, body, and soul. We strive to provide alternatives for your physical and mental needs through non-traditional methods which embody self-awareness, self-care, and emotional wellness.   

Holistic Healing Circle came to me when I was exploring healing alternatives for my clients. As an advocate for domestic violence and sustainable living, I enjoy repurposing everyday objects into holistic healing goods. These objects have the ability to bring purpose through intuition and manifestation into our life. 

My name is Vanessa, and I want to help bring purpose and intuition into your household. 

With my background and education, I realized there are two key properties in an individual’s healing process: space and intention. Our candles are handcrafted with the intention of creating a space where your healing journey can begin. 

Each candle is cleansed with ethically sourced palo santo to ignite safe and healing energies.  The candles will illuminate your altar to help bring healing energies into your space. The Aromatic properties of each candle allow you to breathe in their intention and help introduce manifestation into your journey. 

At Holistic Healing Circle, we understand everyone’s journey is different. 

Join us on a journey of growth and healing through one of our first healing initiatives. 

* Holistic Healing Circle strives for sustainable and eco-friendly practices. As we grow, our packaging will transition towards biodegradable packaging and our candle vessels are reusable.